Oatmeal in large quantities is bad for health

Some people believe that oatmeal is an extremely useful product. But a recent study by Australian scientists has found that useful oatmeal can be only in case if it is not used with special fanaticism.

According to nutritionists, oatmeal normalizes stomach, covering the mucous membrane, and therefore call it the ideal product for a healthy diet. They recommend it for two weeks, claiming that its use will help to normalize weight and in General to bring the body to the tone. Meanwhile, the coin there is also a downside.

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Gastroenterologists in his turn declare that the oatmeal contains phytic acid, which makes the long process of calcium absorption in the intestinal tract. Besides the fact that it impedes the absorption of calcium, plus it washes away his bone. Of course, this does not mean that oatmeal is harmful, as it contains a number of useful trace elements and substances that the body needs. But to reduce the amount of nutrient the human diet experts still recommend.

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