Oatmeal for Breakfast helps to control appetite at lunch

Scientists from the University of Louisiana often recommended to eat for Breakfast porridge. Unlike cereals, oatmeal is classified as "slow" carbohydrates and will help to saturate the body, to give him strength until dinner. This reports Zee News.

The group of volunteers has offered to have Breakfast. In frame of the experiment, one part got porridge of oatmeal, the rest is sugary cereal with cold milk. The calorie content was the same and amounted to 363 calories. After 4 hours, closer to the dinner, volunteers were allowed to eat anything. On the table was a Turkey sandwich, beef, other meats or vegetables, drinks with different caloric content, cookies, and potato chips. The total caloric value was approximately 2800 calories.

A group of volunteers who consume a Breakfast of oatmeal, load up much faster. Scientists believe that all the matter in the presence of beta-glucan in the composition of cereals. It accelerates the process of saturation of the organism.

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