Oatmeal diet for the benefit of the body

What we used to eat for Breakfast? Sandwiches with sausage, biscuits, butter rolls, etc. are Familiar, isn't it? But to make your morning a useful quite easily. Just a good portion of oatmeal. This cereal contains slow carbohydrates, which allow you a long time to feel cheerful, and most importantly do not give you quickly to get hungry.

Oatmeal has long loved by women and men who are watching their figure. Today oatmeal diet is gaining popularity - it is affordable, effective and not exhausting the body. The porridge is so respected by the British, helps to improve the digestive tract, improve the condition of the intestine. Nutritionists argue that this kind of diet will give you the opportunity to lose about 2-3 pounds per week. It is important that your body will not lose nutrients, cereals Vice versa rids the body of heavy slag, and therefore, not only the scale will give the signal that you become more attractive. Moreover, improves complexion, will have more strength for new achievements.

So, what are the principles oatmeal diet? Remember that this mono-diet, i.e. eating only this cereal. But not more than ten days! This is important, otherwise all the good will you sideways.

Crash course diet on several stages. The first handling. Don't be surprised, but have yet to leave on the shelf a box of oats. For starters, soft Express cleaning. Take 4 tablespoons of rice and soak it in a liter of water. Let it stand for approximately eight hours. It is advisable to leave it for the night so in the morning for 60 minutes to boil the rice on very low heat. We will get a thick substance like jelly. Will use it for 5 hours. But nothing else to eat at the same time. After - please eat anything but sweets, fatty, sweet.

Now proceed directly to the oatmeal diet. Porridge should be the basis for all meals. But not forbidden to eat to eating fruits and vegetables (not starchy).

As for drinking regime - then drink as much as you want, but only as will be 1.5 hours after you have eaten.

Such power could hold a week, then need to take a break for at least 5-7 days. Then repeat the course.

If you want to keep in shape for a long time. Not necessarily all the time there is only oatmeal. Rather, like Sherlock Holmes, to use it in the morning for Breakfast - fruit, nuts, honey.

The article was prepared jointly with the site tutdieti.ru.

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