Nuts help fight heart disease and blood vessels

Nuts - this is a very useful food that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. In addition, nuts are high in calories, making them a great start to a new day. They allow you to get a boost of energy. Recent research has proven, and another interesting fact about this product. It turns out that people who consistently eat nuts have a reduced risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system. Scientists claim that this figure is reduced by 20%. At the same time adequate servings of nuts not increase body mass index and do not contribute to the development of obesity.

Data were confirmed by the research of scientists from the Institute of cancer behalf of Charles Dana. This survey covered more than 76 thousand women and lasted 20 years. Scientists were especially interested in the group of people who adhered to the constant consumption of nuts. Another study was equally global, only concerned the power of men.

It turned out that those who consumed nuts 5-6 times per week had a reduced risk of developing heart disease and vascular disease. Mortality from diseases of the cardiovascular system such patients have decreased by 30 percent, in addition, decreased and the rate of cancer by 11 percent.

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Another interesting fact that since ancient times, the nuts were endowed with medicinal properties and were treated with their help, diseases of the stomach, kidneys, liver. Recent studies have shown that nuts enhance sexual function in men and women and help the immune system to fight infection and parasites.

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