Dietitian Alison Ginn shared his opinion regarding the use and harm of products with "low sugar and carbs" and other "useful and environmentally friendly" food. The expert believes that in most cases such statements are just a marketing ploy to sell more product. Actually about any of the benefits of such products out of the question, writes The Daily Mail.

Let's begin with the sugar substitutes. Usually as a substitute of syrup agave or coconut sugar. They are safer than regular sugar that we are used to seeing. Excess sugar also threatens overweight, diabetes and dental problems.

The next item is a nutritional drink with vitamins. In one portion of this cocktail may contain up to seven spoonfuls of sugar. Scientists recommend to quench the thirst pure water without gas, with natural fruit instead of these beverages.

Drew the attention of nutritionists for vegetable crisps. They are made from carrots and beets. But no one takes into account that vegetable chips contains as much salt as usual.

A separate item worth energy bars composed of nuts and cereals. Manufacturers prefer not to mention in the advertisement that one third of the Goodies is sugar.

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