Nutritionists told how to keep in shape after the holidays

Nutritionists warn that the holidays can affect the state of your shape. Most people sitting on a diet, give yourself a rest, which may negate the works and limitations of the entire year.

First, scientists are advised not to resort to "quick" diets. Neither before the holidays or after them. Such loads can not stand each organism. Sudden changes in body weight affect the metabolism and lead to the development of diabetes, heart disease.

Secondly, it is not necessary to accept the unverified biologically active supplements for weight loss. Usually they do not bring any benefit, only create additional drug load on the body.

Thirdly, scientists recommend to start the exercise. Do not immediately run to the gym and two hours not to go down with the treadmill. So you can earn only strain. All necessary measure.

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According to statistics, a person can safely lose two weeks of not more than 3.5 kilograms of weight, provided that these pounds is really unnecessary. During the holidays it is better to give preference to fresh fruits and vegetables, not very fond of butter and meat products. The amount of alcohol also should be restricted.

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