Nutritionists told about the usefulness of radish for the human body

Journalists from The Times of India has published notes nutritionists regarding the usefulness of the radish. Doctors advise systematically consume this product in the spring and summer. Radish is a super food, they say.

A small number of calories and a storehouse of nutrients, radish has the connections to help with the cough. In addition, this vegetable activates the immune system, the phytochrome have antioxidant properties that protect the body against the formation of cancerous tumors. Fresh radish is rich in vitamin C, potassium. Potassium, incidentally, is essential for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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In radish, as with most vegetables, plenty of fiber. The vegetable will be a great addition to the diet of people with diabetes and diseases of the digestive tract. Salads with radishes low-calorie and healthy. Beauticians use radishes as a means for cleaning the skin and restore its youth. It's all in the enrichment of the epithelium in vitamin C.

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