Nutritionists: some products do not satisfy, and increase hunger

Foods with a high glycemic index increase hunger, instead of weakening it. An example of such products - bread, pastry products, candy, any other food rich quick carbohydrates. Substances forming energy for the body to quickly decompose, increase blood sugar, and the man again feels hungry.

Experts advise not snacking white bread from the sifted flour. This bread almost no fiber. Also hunger will not help to make the juice. Contemporary juices of the packages do not contain fiber, they have a lot of sugar. It is better to prefer fresh fruit or smoothies.

The next group of products truly harmful. Scientists referred to it crackers, chips, chocolate, alcohol, pasta, sushi and cereal for Breakfast. Quick bite in the morning harmful carbohydrates, the body begins to feel the approaching famine after a couple of hours.

Alcohol increases the production of leptin. This hormone increases the threshold of saturation of the food. In addition, alcoholic drinks lead to dehydration and output of nutrients. Regular consumption of alcohol can have serious consequences on the part of the liver, kidneys and heart.

Many believe the fish with white rice (sushi and rolls) useful dish. However, rice is not able to satisfy your hunger. Scientists advise to replace white rice with brown, as it contains more fiber.

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