Nutritionists said, when people are most likely to break on a diet

Most frequently losing weight people quit their diet on a Sunday evening. About it writes edition The Daily Mail, referring to the results of the study. Up to half of all volunteers who consented to the experiment, are unable to resist the temptation to eat something delicious and harmful in the period from 19:00 to 22:00 on Sunday.

In total, the experiment involved 750 people wanting to lose weight in a short time. Most people trying to lose weight since Monday. On weekdays, diet was pretty simple. On weekends the situation is complicated. To Sunday (between 15:00 to 17:00) most people started to feel discomfort and a desire to break away from the diet.

It is interesting and different. Every third volunteer admitted that from the outset could not adhere to a complete diet and allow myself every afternoon for one of the prohibited fruit.

This study proves that one of the main factors in the diet is adequate. The diet should be as balanced, including all the necessary nutrients. Diet is not a week or a month. Proper nutrition ideally should become a habit.

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