Nutritionists offer from cereals, fatty meat, pears and bananas to refuse

Nutritionists Russians recommended to abandon cereals of all kinds, except porridge buckwheat and oatmeal. They also do not recommend fat meat, bananas and pears, but we recommend three times a day as a side dish is vegetable salads. As stated by the publication of RIA "news" - it will give the opportunity for two or three weeks to get rid of pounds accumulated during the winter.

Alla Pogozheva Professor of the Institute of nutrition of RAMS, doctor of medical science, the Agency said: "With the advent of warm people of the menu you want to exclude those products that in the winter months, were in demand. You must also change your diet and refrain from foods that are high in energy content that the cold season would give us energy for the "heating" of the body. This is food that contains animal fats and sugar, meat with high fat content, poultry, dairy products with high fat content, pastries and buns".

Also A. Pogozheva proposed to significantly limit the use of bread, or not to exclude. "But if you fail, it is better to just eat a couple of pieces a day, and certainly in the 1st half of the day, better wholegrain or bran. White bread should be deleted as it is no use, in addition to the high caloric content," said A. Pogozheva.

As for dairy products, then here the best guide to keep on kefir and yogurt with low-fat, not sugar. The doctor also recommends that the last meal be completed no later than 17 hours. And resulted night hunger to overcome can be a glass of kefir, the fat content is not more than 0.5-1 percent.

Nutritionist recommends to the spring diet to add more leafy greens and raw vegetables. But from the daily menu should avoid fruits that contain a lot of sugar - melon, banana, pear. A. Pogozheva instead garnishes recommends three times a day to eat vegetable salads.

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