Nutritionists: low-calorie diet boosts libido

Researchers from the Biomedical research center Pennington found: low-calorie diet is need not just for weight loss. She, according to recent research, boosts libido person (degree of attraction from the opposite sex). On the progress and results of the work done, tells the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

In total, the study involved 218 people with normal weight. 70% of the volunteers were middle-aged women. Subjects were asked to pass the questionnaire to learn about the quality of sleep and level of libido. Further volunteers were released. Someone in two years, ate as usual, others have started to adhere to a low calorie diet. A survey of people passing by every year.

It turned out that two years of cautious diet people lose on average 7.6 kg. Limiting diet improves mood and libido, affects the health and psychological balance. Improving the quality of sleep.

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