Nutritionists have compiled a list of bad for libido products

In the newspaper The Times of India published an article in which nutritionists have compiled a list of products that negatively affect the libido of a man. In first place is the cheese made from the milk of a cow. Scientists have found that it may contain growth hormones and antibiotics. Excessive consumption of cheese can change hormones, thereby disrupting the normal production of sex hormones: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone. Because of this, in the body begin to accumulate "bad" estrogen - xenoestrogen, which cause sexual dysfunction.

It is known that drinking soda is also not the best effect on health. Diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, bone loss - this is not a complete list of the consequences of excessive consumption of carbonated drinks. The result is a loss of sexual desire. Artificial sweeteners for example aspartame (E), reduce the level of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is also known as the hormone of happiness, and its deficiency in the body leads to a bad mood, which in turn leads to decreased sexual desire. In addition, aspartame affects is required for normal libido dopamine.

Nutritionists also found a negative impact of canned products for potency. The fact that salt and other additives in canned food increase blood pressure, which reduces blood flow in the genital area, and that is what causes impotence. Not less harmful are fried French fries and chips. Fats in combination with high temperatures cause cells and tissues of the body receive oxidative damage, which violates the regulation of hormones.

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Scientists have attributed to a number of harmful libido products even a Cup of morning coffee, because of its frequent use leads to dysfunction of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for stress hormones. Reduced function of these bodies also affects the production of sex hormones. Well, in the end, nutritionists said vegetable oil is of poor quality, which affects the ability to conceive.

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