Nutritionists allowed to eat saturated fats

Man can't kill the saturated fats of animal origin, believe experts from the University of Cambridge. Margarine, on the other hand, can destroy health. Nutritionists suggest reducing consumption of saturated fats, however, this approach, scientists believe, is not effective.

To pay attention they advise on foods with TRANS-fats. A striking example – margarine oil. It, according to experts, increases the risk of premature death by a third and not be any good. Regular consumption of margarine damages the blood vessels, promotes the deposition of cholesterol.

Saturated fats from milk able to protect the body from diabetes, research shows. The basis of health – balanced diet with the elimination of harmful products. Limit is the consumption of fatty foods, prepared with a large amount of oil. Don't forget about physical activity. They are able to significantly improve the quality of life.

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