Nutritional supplements containing selenium can cause the development of diabetes

"For people's health can be harmful food additives with selenium, especially for people already receiving sufficient minerals in your diet. Selenium can cause the development of type 2 diabetes type," say the researchers from the University of Surrey (UK).

Selenium, found in large quantities in the human diet increases the risk of type 2 diabetes type. This mineral can be found in the soil and products, it is for human health as well as many other minerals you need, but at a moderate dose. But in one and the same time, a low level of selenium increases the risk of death, it leads to reduced immunity and significantly reduces human mental abilities.

In addition, not so long ago, thanks to scientific researches it was proved that selenium has a positive effect on male fertility and protect against certain cancers. Scientists from the University of Surrey has been revised several clinical trials that have studied the effects of dietary supplements containing selenium. In some cases, active consumption of such supplements has become a cause of adverse unwanted effects.

In General, the same researchers found that selenium is useful only to those people which diet is depleted of this mineral. Curious and the fact that it depends on the place of residence of the person. For example, Venezuela, Canada, USA and Japan, high consumption of selenium and in Europe, by contrast, is very low. In addition, almost 50% of US residents include in your diet dietary supplements, but in Russia the percentage is several times lower.

Scientists have proved that selenium supplements are not recommended to take people who have the level of this mineral in the blood is per litre from 122 micrograms or higher. Although in most cases, particular attention is paid to genetic factor, in other words, natural susceptibility to the effects of selenium.

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