Nutrition during pregnancy

When she learns that she is pregnant should castelino to think about your lifestyle, diet and regimen. From the many have to give up and buy new and useful habits. The power must very seriously, because you now need to eat for two while getting from food maximum benefit. You may have to learn new recipes of dishes that are firmly VOUT in your diet. And while rassmotrim what can and cannot be in different periods of pregnancy.

The first half of pregnancy is characterized by fundamentally changing the state of the body and the beginning of his adaptation to a new state. At this stage it is most logical to follow a low calorie diet and to include in the diet of more fruits and fresh vegetables. Food take frequent, but small portions. If you are all worth taking multivitamin or mineral complexes, in any case, do not assign them yourself and consult with your doctor about the possibility of their application and the most common side effects. Special attention is paid folic acid is especially important during this period of pregnancy.

The second half of pregnancy gives you the opportunity to increase the caloric content of food to prepare themselves for childbirth, remember that in this period the child grows particularly intensive, and requires a much larger number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proceed to a gradual increase of physical activity as often as possible fresh air, if possible, go to the swimming pool. This will serve as an excellent training of the muscles and ligaments for the upcoming physical exertion. Meat and fish are best to eat in the morning, because animal proteins are digested much more difficult. For usina perfect dairy, and vegetable dishes - for example, cheese, milk soups. Reduce consumption of fried foods to avoid heartburn, and if possible, eliminate from the diet of meats, preserves and pickles, and excessively fatty foods.

From about the middle of the third trimester, limit used is also confectionery, pastry, and fatty cheeses, sour cream. This will allow You to significantly increase the flexibility of the muscle fibers.

Although, when you build a diet for the upcoming pregnancy note: the main criterion of benefit or harm one or the other of the power system is Your health. An additional hint will serve as improving or deteriorating analyses, weight gain.

Also note that some products have allergenic potential with frequent use. These include beef, as well as some cereals, rye, oats, wheat, semolina and oat groats. Frequent consumption of legumes can also result in unpleasant consequences (however, the manufacturer often warn about this, putting on the special packaging labeling, warning about a possible allergenic effects). Careful you should be with vegetables and red fruit. Salicylates, which are included in their composition, useful only in small doses, in large can cause itching, urticaria and swelling.

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