Nurses are exposed to chemical drugs

Among nurses, the U.S. is quite common accidental exposure to highly toxic drugs for cancer chemotherapy. Researchers interview 1339 nurses in the departments of onkologii and found that the skin and eyes 17 percent of those surveyed somehow got toxic drugs.

About 84 percent of chemotherapy in the United States is at the clinics, the random effect of drugs for therapy can damage the nervous and reproductive system and increase the risk of blood cancer, according to scientists from the University of Michigan.

Any impact of such products on the skin or eyes can also be dangerous, like a needle prick in the hospital. Although cases of needle stick injury is minimized, and after each case nurses undergo medical treatment, but effects of chemotherapy such prophylaxis is not provided.

Since we are talking about occupational risks, the American national Institute of occupational safety and Health recalls that they were issued guidelines for working with patients who need chemotherapy Recommendations include the use of protective gowns, gloves, unfortunately, not every hospital should they, since instructions are not mandatory, but Advisory in nature.

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