Novosibirsk scientists have designed a virus that kills cancer cells

Scientists from Novosibirsk constructed in the laboratory modified form of virus that kills cancer cells. The method was developed on the basis of the laboratory of Peter Chumakov. Preliminary results are already encouraging professionals a new way to fight cancer is really effective. The first tests on purebred dogs with cancer tumors were successful.

Peter Chumakov, head of research, notes that in the framework of the experiment consisted of several classes of viruses for the development of a wide range of drugs of various cancers: breast cancer to lung cancer. Note, use non-pathogenic forms of the virus, modified in the laboratory and configured to killing cancer cells.

Of course, today the method requires substantial modifications to the first clinical trials is still far away. According to experts, it may take another 10 years before the first large-scale implementations of modified viruses in clinical practice.

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