Novosibirsk scientists are developing a new method of dealing with cancer

Scientists from Novosibirsk reported on the transition to the final stages of work on the creation of a new method of struggle with cancer. About completed stages of writing a scientific Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

As the basis for drug scientists from the Institute of inorganic chemistry Novosibirsk state University used a molybdenum distributed across clusters. Once in the hearth, molybdenum bring oxygen into the active form that kills cancer cells. Preliminary tests have already managed to confirm the effectiveness of the method in Oncology.

While the experiments are conducted with laboratory animals. But soon the drugs with the molybdenum will be applied on volunteers with common forms of cancer.

Note, testing the use of active oxygen in medicine was carried out before. Molybdenum was able to solve one of the main problems: you can now easily trace where it formed clusters of active oxygen.

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