Not like sports? Read no less useful to the body

Scientists from Oxford University have come to the conclusion that reading not only improves the human intellect, but also has a positive impact on his physical and mental health.

Science has found evidence that reading is good for the body no less sports.

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Earlier reading was attributed to passive mind pastime, contrasting sports neat people weak and pale lovers of books. In fact, this contrasting long been illegal. Magnetic resonance brain scans of people reading books showed that when reading the pages about the smell, different landscapes or tastes, in the mind of the man activated the same areas, if he had a real experience. However, this effect disappears if you watch TV or play games, effectively to harness the brain read only. Moreover, it is important to learn to read long and complex books at an early age that the brain has learned to build a long chain of causal relationships, which can be found in good books. Otherwise, in adulthood, long-term plans or even carry on a long conversation on one topic will be difficult. In addition, just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by two-thirds, which is much more effective music therapy or a simple walk.

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