Not from the food we get fat and what we drink

Residents of cities are less likely to quenching thirst with plain water and increasingly its replacement with any other liquids such as lemonade, juice, milk or even alcohol.

As a result, it has been estimated by scientists from the University of North Carolina that for the last 37 years the number of calories that a middle-aged person receives during the main meal, while quenching it's thirst, doubled that poses a threat associated with weight gain.

When in 1965 the share of various beverages accounted for about 12 percent of the daily intake of calories, while today they have all 21 percent. Thus, the amount of calories that the body receives together with drinks a day increased about 222 calories.

"Quite apart from the fact that you specifically use as drinking soft drinks, milk, juices and berries or fruit, and beer - your body "processes" extra "dose" is completely unnecessary for you calories. When this surplus of calories is not compensated by reducing food intake," says one of the leaders of the research, "Several hundreds of excess calories absorbed by the body every day is fraught with serious disorders to the health. This includes obesity and diabetes."

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