Not all vegetables help you lose weight, say scientists

Potatoes, for example, contains a lot of starch, disintegrating in the body of the carbs. This leads to weight gain. Researchers are advised to replace people losing weight potatoes on whole cereal products or brown rice. In the black list of "harmful vegetables" is corn and peas. Even celery, according to experts, does not help to lose weight.

Beneficial properties for people on diets, have plums, cabbage and blueberries. Data were collected during the 24 years of the study. Scientists have tried to correlate the diet of people and change their weight for life.

Fruit, according to the results, helped to lose weight two times more than vegetables. The most useful product in this respect turned out to be blueberries. Grapes, pears, strawberries and apples also help to lose weight, albeit not as much. Potatoes due to the high content of starch can not be considered a dietary product, it should be abandoned, writes The Daily Mail.

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