Not all products can be eaten in the morning

Experts have long proved how useful the morning Breakfast. No wonder folk proverb says that Breakfast should be eaten. According to nutritionists, Breakfast, consisting of the "right" products may be the means of preventing many diseases. At the same time, they warn that Breakfast should consist of special products, which are useful for use on an empty stomach. Analysts periodicals "market leader" tried to figure out what kind of products should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

In the list of forbidden to eat in the morning products leads with banana. There are a lot of magnesium, and its use on an empty stomach upsets the balance of calcium and magnesium in the body that can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Oranges also should not eat in the morning, as they can begin the occurrence of gas in the intestines, they can cause increased acid balance, which, in turn, will lead to gastritis or Allergy. Anyway, drinking on an empty stomach raw vegetables fraught with irritation of the gastric mucosa.

Cold drinks are also not recommended for use in the morning, as they may cause disturbances in enzymatic reactions, which in itself is a cause of some diseases.

In addition to the above, the list includes sweet potatoes, garlic, sugar, yogurt, smoked products and canned goods.

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