The safest way to drink vodka and other strong alcohol without additives. To such conclusion the expert Yoko Inoue. He proved that from the point of view of harm to health is the safest vodka. Followed by gin, tequila, sake. It is better not to mix strong alcohol with light alcohol and sweet soft drinks. Sugar and flavors only contribute to the development of hangover, writes The Daily Mail.

Quite often beer leads to hangover, especially dark Beers. The scientist says drink dark colors should be avoided. So, it is necessary to give preference to white wine, light grades of spirits. The presence of alcohol coloring – a sign of the presence of various dyes and additives (natural and artificial).

Advises Yoko Inoue after drinking alcohol drink a serving of coconut water. It is not necessary to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, preferably in the course of the evening have a light meal. If to avoid the headache in the morning failed, help strong broth, and other nutritious but easy to digest food.

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