Nose: pros and cons

One of the most common and, perhaps, difficult plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a procedure to change the size of the nose or form. The aims of the operation, as a rule, aesthetic character. Fashionable plastic nose helps to harmonize the appearance of the patient and, as a consequence, improvement of self-esteem. Less frequently it is performed for medical indications, such as impaired breathing.

Carrying out this operation is shown in age from twenty to thirty-five years previously to perform it is not recommended, so as to twenty years, the formation of the cartilage of the nose continues. After thirty-five years of such surgery can be fraught with complications. Although there are no absolute contraindications, but patients with respiratory diseases, cancer and those suffering from poor blood clotting worth visiting specialists to rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeon before surgery will be asked to pass the relevant experts in order to confirm the absence of contraindications and readiness of the organism to serious surgical intervention.

Often patients find that after a rhinoplasty, their nose will be like the picture, but in practice this rarely happens. The consultation with the surgeon before the surgery, discussed the patient's wishes and possibilities of plastic, is a computer simulation of the nose. It is necessary to consider that the model of the nose can only give a view of the future form, it's something that will seek the surgeon during the operation. But there is no guarantee that the result will be exactly the same. If the patient and the plastic surgeon during the consultation period does not come to a compromise on the shape of the nose, the surgeon has the right to refuse to perform this operation.

Rhinoplasty is performed under General anesthesia. Such operations usually takes at least 1 hour. External scars remain. For the first time after the surgery is minor pain, which quickly pass. Last longer swelling and bruising under the eyes. After the procedure, you must be ready that at least another week will have to go through with plaster bandages and tampons with antiseptic nose.

Some time after the operation to see the shape of the nose is problematic, prevent swelling. To tell the exact period of time during which the swelling will subside, there is no possibility. It all individually. Plastic surgeons say that the final shape can be seen after six months, a year. You must have patience.

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