Norwegian physicians recognized the visits to the Church healthy

Norwegian researchers, representing a group of clinics Sykеhuset Innlandеt, it was found that when visiting the Church of the beneficial effects of experiencing not only the soul but the body. For example, a reduction in high blood pressure. At the same time, the more there are in the Church, the less the pressure.

To this same conclusion obtained from American scientists, but was recognized as a pure coincidence, because regular visits to the Church in the United States adheres to 40% of the population. According to Православие.by" among Norwegian citizens in the temples go no more than 4%. In General, the doctors, the doctors were subjected to 120 thousand people, of whom attend the Church were about 5 thousand. It turned out they just had the smallest (and most healthy) blood pressure than all the rest.

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Now conducting further studies to determine the impact on the overall health of a person's religious beliefs and degree of healing of all the world's religions, or only some specific.

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