Normal weight - guarantee school for girls

Scientists have proven that full girls worse than the time at school. The success of boys weight, according to a study, had no effect. During the analysis the researchers covered the 6,000 students who were divided into groups according to body mass index at the age of 11 to 16 years. Take into account the academic performance of children. The data were published by CBC News.

Experts from the universities of Dundee, Bristol, Strathclyde and Georgia investigated the mental health status of students, level of IQ and the beginning of sexual development. Even scientists were interested in the fact that socio-economic status of the child, presence of bad habits in the family (especially factor maternal Smoking during pregnancy).

Research has proven that Schoolgirls are overweight often have experienced problems with English, mathematics and science. In normal weight girls were better able to cope with school assignments. The presence of obesity at the age of 11 years has had an impact on performance and at an older age, the scientists write. Today it is difficult to establish the exact cause of this pattern, however, work is underway in this area.

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