Normal sleep is the key to a happy family life

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, concluded that those who sleep poorly, are often faced with problems in family life, writes the Daily Mail newspaper. Sleepy spouse begins to grumble, to complain and blame its half that she does not appreciate his merits.

Researchers have studied more than 60 couples in the age group from 18 to 56 years. Researchers asked volunteers to keep a diary in which they recorded their feeling after sleep, how well or badly they slept, as well as their relationship to their partner. In addition, they were asked to solve mathematical problems with their partner, and this process was recorded on video. As it turned out, the one who slept poorly, had been irritable and showed less patience for your partner.

In the published research report, scientists have been given a list of reasons due to which volunteers do not spill out. Of them, for example, were such as night work of one of the spouses, which is too loud clicks on the computer keyboard, or snoring. In addition, scientists have found that human nature is proud that he sleeps little, or those that can do without sleep at all.

The researchers expressed hope that their work, they will prove progressive part of mankind the importance and necessity of a full and healthy sleep. They once again reminded that the minimum number of hours allotted for sleep, is five, and is considered to be ideal sleep for eight hours.

According to information received from the Fund for mental health, every third inhabitant of our planet suffers from chronic insomnia. And from the entire adult population of the planet normally sleep only 40%.

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