Normal products will help in whitening - scientists

Scientists say that eating dark chocolate, strawberry and green tea has an effect on the whiteness of the teeth. These products, coupled with the care of the mouth is the secret to a healthy white smile.

Dark chocolate contains a substance theobromine. It strengthens the enamel, increases the strength of the tooth enamel. Note, milk chocolate, very harmful for the teeth. It's all in high concentrations of sugar, an excellent nutrient medium for most bacteria, writes The Daily Mail.

Tannins contained in large quantities in green tea, form a protective layer and prevents the propagation of flora on the surface of the teeth and gums. The polyphenols help to increase the concentration of fluoride in the oral cavity.

Strawberries have excellent oxidative properties. Malic acid, which in its composition, cleans the teeth. Another extremely useful cheese, it regulates the acidity of the oral cavity.

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Solid foods (nuts, seeds, apples) clean the teeth mechanically. When grinding these products strengthen the gums. Dentist Dr. Harold Katz believes, only the combination of oral hygiene and proper diet can permanently save white and healthy teeth.

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