Non-standard form of DNA found in the cells of cancer

Scientists have created not the usual patterns in the form of a spiral, which combine 4 DNA, and not 2, as it was usual, writes New Scientist. More recently, scientists believed that such structures, consisting of 4 parts, simply do not exist in nature, and were very surprised when they found the cancer cells.

Actors were given the name "G-QUADRUPLEX" . Interaction 4 Gurinovich bases, forming a square, be the reason for their occurrence. According to scientists, these structures are transitional. They can be found in the nucleus chromosomes and telomeres when patterns are preparing to divide.

Cancer cells divide very quickly, and their telomeres often have defects. Shankar Balasubramanian from Cambridge College believes that "G-QUADRUPLEX are distinctive precisely cancer cells. "G-QUADRUPLEX" detected by antibodies that are attached only to these structures. Scientists have counted the number of spirals formed at each stage of cell reproduction. Special distribution "G-QUADRUPLEX" get on "S-phase". Under this phase refers to the reproduction of cells, their DNA before dividing.

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Reason for activity G-QUADRUPLEX" are mutations of the genome and processes that are characteristic of cancer cells. Scientists are going to find out the role of "G-quadruplexes" in the development of the embryo, as well as the ability to control this mechanism.

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