Noise interferes with a person to recognize it

Long-term presence of a person in a noisy environment hinders him in speech recognition. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Texas. Excessive jester destroys the cells of the inner ear responsible for hearing. Proven, these cells do not regenerate. Most often impaired speech perception confronted people often listen to music on headphones.

The data were confirmed in an experiment with mice. The first group of scientists have subjected noise impact at 115 DB (medium), the second group experienced a 124 DB (high level). In the first case, the hearing didn't suffer much, and in the second group, the defeat of the cells was significant.

Normal player issues a 110 DB siren 120 DB. Permanent noise impact, the researchers note, can lead to deafness and impaired speech perception. In the cerebral cortex is the separation of neurons, brain cells begin to work slower, which prevents quick to recognize it.

Experts advise caution to loud sounds. Constant excessive noise load disrupts the organ of hearing and leads to irreversible consequences.

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