The award was divided between two groups of scientists. The first to develop new strategies for treatment of parasitic diseases, the second suggested a new drug to treat malaria.

Drug Avermectin effective in the treatment of "diseases elephantiasis and river blindness" and other parasitic infections. Atremisinin has developed a research group headed by Satoshi Cupid.

Problem worms-parasites are now the most relevant in the developing countries of Africa and Asia, where almost a third of the population is sick parasitic diseases. To develop new tools for the treatment of such infections is necessary, despite the relatively low economic benefits. Only one new drug (Avermectin) can save thousands of people from imminent death.

The relevance of developing new methods of malaria treatment is also not in doubt. So far there is no vaccine against the disease, scientists have focused their efforts on creating new, more effective drug. Artemisinin produces better treatment results than conventional drugs used in modern medicine.

Note that this year the size of the Nobel prize fell slightly and is about 960 000 dollars.

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