Nobel prize for solving the problem of caring for elderly parents

According to a new study by scientists from Kyiv economic Institute, the rich people have fewer opportunities to take care of their elderly parents than those who receive a small salary.

The increase in wages leads to a reduction in the amount of time they spend on the assistance of parents, assistance with shopping and stuff. For every ten percent increase in the salaries of women spend 36 percent less time on care, environments men time to help reduced by 18 percent.

During the period of decline in the birth rate to provide care for older people is increasingly difficult, in a short time the number of retired people will reach record numbers. Economists believe that the burden on the economy can be reduced by encouraging the employment of more women, as well as increasing the retirement age for employment of forces.

Outlet in the problem of caring for elderly family members will be the attraction to using the wider family circle and friends. The study, based on a study of responses 2790 American men and women who had at least one parent lived at home, will be made public at the meeting of Nobel laureates in Economics in Lindau.

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