Nitrates increase muscle endurance

Recently revealed the fact that dietary supplements with a high content of nitrate - energy muscle and direct modulators of blood pressure, most likely, have the energy to support with muscle loads.

It is well known that enriched sodium nitrate additives or very rich in nitrates, beet juice, leading to lower oxygen consumption at peak load on the bike, walking on the treadmill or running. Lot specific data was obtained by carrying out the test time of the exercise to failure, but, as the authors of the article and a number of researchers, this test is not a normal result for a full understanding of the effects in the positive direction when executing directly exercise.

The main task of the work that is performed by a group of British scientists from different institutes of Exeter, was a complete study of the influence of enriched nitrate beet juice for execution of exercises on the exercise bike, which simulates all the conditions of the competition. Work published in the June issue of the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

A group of professional cyclists for two and a half hours to load test was given to drink half a liter of natural beet juice or half a liter of beet juice, but without the nitrates in a blind manner. All athletes must overcome a distance of 4 or 16.1 kilometers. It was created when the load power, the use of oxygen and time to exercise.

The authors showed that a natural beet juice significantly increased the level of nitrite in the blood. Oxygen consumption did not differ in the groups that received placebo or natural juice in both races. But natural beet juice significantly increased the produced power and significantly reduced the time and short and long distances. The primary conclusion of the paper is disposable supplementation with a high content of nitrates (beet juice) significantly improves energy efficiency (the most power with the same consumption of oxygen and reduces the time of execution.

Also, the authors believe that this work is clearly proven that only nitrates natural juice give a positive effect, because beet juice without nitrate had no effect.

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