Previously it was thought that the night work negatively affects women's health. However, recent research found no relationship between night work and the risk of developing breast cancer. Apparently, the shift in biological rhythms has little effect on the growth in cancer incidence. About other results and progress reports

Cancer Research UK conducted an analysis of data about the health of 1.4 million women. In essence, the scientific work summarized the results of 10 global studies. The researchers compared the likelihood of developing breast cancer among women working by day and women mainly at night. Significant differences in the incidence of breast cancer to detect, the researchers failed.

Note, in another research work, specialists from the University of Texas proved that shift work 12 hours or more greatly increases the risk of severe ischemic stroke, when a clot causes the blockage of a vessel in the brain. In most cases, this stroke ends in death or lead to severe disability.

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