Night snacking is one of the signs of mental disorder

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania made a survey of 1600 students, to assess the relationship between chronic nutritional disorder and impaired mental health. Analysis of the responses showed that frequent night snacking can be one of the signs of latent mental disorders, according to HNGN.

Syndrome night snacking often. Usually the person attacking the fridge in the evening, though he knows that after six is harmful. Most people recognized that they could not sleep with an empty stomach. A serious problem with night snacking scientists have found in 3% of respondents. Not to be confused overeating syndrome and night eating.

Syndrome night eating may not be due to overeating, but most people with this pathology consume too many calories per day. Syndrome in some cases combined with anorexia, drugs from hyperactivity and attention deficit. In severe cases, people may Wake up at night to make a small snack. Only then he feels calm.

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At special risk are young people and students. It is noted that the disorder is associated with certain mental disorders.

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