Nicotine poisoning - what to do?

One of the most powerful poisons of plant origin is the nicotine contained in the tobacco leaves. Small doses of nicotine have on the body stimulating effect, while significant volumes of consumption of this poison can cause paralysis of the respiratory system and circulatory, autonomic nervous system. Nicotine poisoning have two forms of flow: chronic and acute.


Acute poisoning occurs:

- palpitations;

- arrythmia;

- breath discontinuous surface;

- nausea and vomiting;

- convulsions;

- diarrhea;

- cold sweat;

moist, pale skin.

In chronic poisoning symptoms observed in the acute form, supplemented by:

- loss of appetite;

- respiratory disorders, memory, vision.

Causes of poisoning

Cause of acute poisoning, as a rule, becomes a one-time overdose, chronic causes regular intake of certain doses. For each human dose of nicotine, which can cause poisoning, the individual. Lethal dose is 40 to 80 mg of nicotine (the contents of 2 to 4 cigarettes, but, in this case, they should be swallowed). It is important how the nicotine enters human body through the lungs or through the stomach. To cause severe poisoning or even death of the child can only swallowed one cigarette, whereas if it is smoked, the baby will experience nausea and vomiting. Smoking is not the only cause that can lead to nicotine poisoning. Quite often these unwanted effects ends careless handling of tobacco extract, which is used as an insecticide.


Acute nicotine poisoning requires the use of artificial ventilation of lungs and prescriptions, stimulating bowel function and heart. To prevent hypothermia, it is recommended to use warm compresses.

The best way to avoid nicotine poisoning is to quit Smoking. If you immediately get rid of bad habits is not enough, you need at least to switch to cigarettes with a minimum content of nicotine.

If the cause of poisoning was that man swallowed tobacco, you need to try to cause him to vomit (if the patient is conscious) and give a sniff moistened with ammonia fleece. Strong coffee will also help to improve the condition of the patient.

Regardless of the results obtained from the first aid, the patient must be shown to the doctor! Only a doctor can efficiently carry out artificial respiration, as well as to prescribe the right medication.

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