Nicotine addiction makes you neglect the upbringing of the child

The Daily Mail reported on recent research conducted by Pfizer. Scientists wanted to determine whether there is a relationship between such a bad habit, like Smoking and upbringing of children. The study was interviewed 6271 smokers.

After analysis it was found that people who can't do without area look worse for the children, give them less time and virtually not spend money on gifts. In addition, in some cases, people were so attached to this harmful habit that could go on stealing or begging on the street to buy cigarettes. Experts has paid more attention to the people who were in financial difficulty in order to determine the extent caused by addiction.

After analysis of the test results revealed:

1. 31% of respondents are willing to pay for cigarettes 40 pounds (about 2000 rubles) counterweight is 60% of smokers who more than 8 pounds (395 rubles) flatly refuse to pay

2. 70% of smokers would like to quit this addiction

3. In order to find the money to buy cigarettes a lot of smokers said they would reduce the cost of the child. Thus, 17% - are ready to reduce the cost of food; 35% for sweets; 20% on holiday gifts

4. There were 9% of smokers who robbed children of their own

In addition to the above items people dependent area are willing to forgo additional education of children and to deny your child in school trips. Despite the financial failure and the fear to go into debt more than 50% continue to indulge their bad habit.

Smoking is an addiction similar to alcoholism or drug abuse. People steal, purchase on a credit card, some are able to starve and steal. Other people to save money and get extra money on cigarettes refused to pay for utilities and unauthorized off heating in homes.

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