News in social media talk about the qualities of the person

Experts from Brunel University conducted an analysis of 555 conducted in Facebook polls. It turned out, the behavior of people on the Internet were very different depending on the character. Open people adhered to the same standard in dealing with friends, closed tried to be less visible in the online space, writes The Hindustan Times.

Extroverts more often shared on their page of information about concerts and other public events, neurotics – changed their personal status. Open people are more inclined to share the information, and not to talk about something personal on the Internet.

Conscientious people loved to share pictures of their children, trying to compete with other parents. When low self-esteem used the opportunity to talk about its second half. The story to the world about your relationship, say scientists, says about the uncertainty of the feelings.

People-daffodils the most frequently mentioned my diet day and shared photos in the style of Instagram - "look, I eat (drink, play sports, travel)".

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