Newborn baby girls boys cope better with stress

Boys and girls from the earliest days have a different response to stress. According to scientists from the University of Granada, Hospital San Cecilio. After analyzing the separate layer of medical information, they have proved that girls are born lighter and with fewer stressors. Other results of the study writes the Daily Mail.

Scientists tracked the course of pregnancy and delivery 56 pregnant women. In 27 cases, were born boys, the rest girls. For examination were taken blood samples: cord and finger. Physicians evaluated the blood concentration of the compounds that determine the body's response to stress. It turned out that the body of a newborn girl is much easier to tolerate the first days of life. The girls were better protected from stress associated with the lack of oxygen.

Apparently, the enzyme system the girls work better than boys when it comes to the neonatal period. With age, this function is equalized, the scientists conclude.

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