New York sweet soda will not see in large glasses

From March 2013 will come into force a law that prohibits selling in new York sweet soda and other sugary drinks in large containers. This initiative of the city measure Michael Bloomberg, directed against the growing number of citizens suffering from obesity, has been endorsed by members of the health Committee of new York.

Prohibition to distribute drinks in large glasses will affect fast food outlets, pizzerias, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, stadiums, streets, but it will allow it to do shopping. The restriction does not include fruit juices, dairy, alcohol and diet drinks. Now, on the basis of the received document, the volume capacity of sugar-containing drinks should not be higher than 16 fluid ounces (0,473 liters). To match the specified amount will be reduced by the amount of cups to be filled at the request of the buyer, and is limited to the amount sold bottles. Violators of the law face a fine of $ 200. According to statistics, the extra weight is 50% of the adult population of new York city and approximately half of the students. However, the initiative of the municipal authorities aimed at limiting the amount of glasses caused a wave of indignation among the citizens, who regard such actions as interference in private life, rights and freedom. Out of 10 citizens 6 configured aggressive against the specified ban.

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She expects to fight in court for their rights. Restrictions containers characterisic drinks is not the first action of mayor Bloomberg, aimed at improving the health of new Yorkers. Before the city authorities ordered restaurants to designate the menu the number of calories contained in the food, imposed a ban on the use of artificial TRANS fats in restaurants, selling fast food, have banned Smoking in public places.

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