New wonder drug against cancer

A team of scientists at the University of California claims that they have achieved significant breakthrough in cancer treatment, creating a "wonder drug" that will destroy some of the most deadly forms of the disease.

The drug, called KG5, causes cancer cells to "commit suicide", first stopping tumor growth and then destroying it. This is a radical remedy will bring new hope to patients with aggressive and lethal tumors is planned to be released within five years. Scientists plan to put it in the form of tablets, which will give very little side effects. Leading scientist Professor David Cheresh explains that the drug blocks the function of distribution", and malignant cells complete suicide when they can't reproduce. Proven effective tools against cancer of the pancreas and mammary glands, as well as against cancer of the kidney, although you may be able to identify a positive impact on a wide range of other tumors. KG5 works using a completely new approach that differs from traditional methods of therapy, changing the structure of a protein necessary for the growth of cancer cells, enzyme, known as RAF. This protein seemed long been studied, showed a crucial role in the division of tumor cells. Often drugs aimed at the destruction of the RAF was damaged and healthy cells. KG5 deprived of this defect. Instead simonovits on a specific part of the protein, a new class of inhibitors of RAF changes the entire structure of the enzyme. He highlights the RAF in proliferating cells, while ignoring normal or resting cells. KG5 also acts, cutting off the blood supply to the tumor. Dr. Julie sharp, cancer researcher in the UK, believes the new drug encouraging. The next step is to test these ideas on patients.

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