New uses of old drugs

Many are approved for the treatment of certain diseases, drugs may be useful in the treatment of other, not related to the underlying disease or illness.

Researchers from Stanford University have compiled a list of medicines that help from a specific list of diseases. In their opinion, the research findings will help to make a breakthrough in the development of new treatments for other serious diseases.

One of the striking examples of "additional features" of the product - double the effect of Viagra. Originally used as a drug against heart problems, he copes with erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension.

Researchers from Stanford also tried to identify unexpected effects of drugs.

The study included a list of 100 diseases, grouped by their effect on the body. Against these diseases were opposed to drugs that should give the opposite effect on the body. As it turned out, the drug against ulcers can help with problems with the lungs and cures for lung cancer help for Crohn's disease. The symptoms of this disease weakens the drug topiramate, which is used against seizures.

The authors hope that their findings will be the beginning of a new approach to the development of new multifunctional medicines.

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