New useful properties of sunlight

Neuroscientist Russell foster of Oxford conducted a study of the impact of sunlight on the human body. It turned out that it helps to improve mood, increase productivity and regulates sleep, reports The Daily Mail. That is why the scientist recommends that the office workers take a job under the window, where the sun's rays. Such employees from exposure to sunlight are 2 times more concentrated compared to their counterparts whose workplace is located in the center of the room under the lamp light.

In addition, a bright light improves sleep quality. Everyone who suffers from insomnia, a scientist recommends walking for half an hour in the morning, especially on those days when it's Sunny. The result of walking in humans are regulated biological rhythms, thereby improving the quality of night sleep. Particularly useful such walks are the elderly, who are beginning to experience the first symptoms of dementia. Research in this area has shown that the elderly are not only improves sleep quality, but also increases the level of their mental abilities by 10 percent.

Another advantage of the sunlight. It turns out that it is directly connected with the synthesis in the body "happiness hormone" serotonin. The more people enjoying the Sunshine, the more he increases the mood. According to researchers, today many people are experiencing a shortage of sunlight, as most of their time they spend indoors: at work or at home. In dwellings of modern people gets only 5 percent of the sunlight, while artificial lighting does not produce a useful effect. And energy-saving light bulbs Dr. foster is generally called "a disaster".

According to the scientist, the brightness of the sun rays is equal to 100 thousands suites and artificial lighting can provide just 300 Lux, while for human health needs light, brightness of 1000 Lux.

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