New technologies make people more creative

Surrounding himself with new-fangled gadgets, we develop their creative abilities. This is indicated by the results of a recent research in the field of medicine and psychology.

The abundance of digital devices in modern life bears in itself both positive and negative aspects. Due to the huge memory phones and computers, most people trust the memorization of information layers of the hard drives and memory cards. On the other hand, there is no need to store unnecessary facts in my head. This opens a wide scope for creativity, the experts comment.

According to the data collected, every second person considers himself to be more creative, if not load your mind with information. 75% of respondents prefer to remember the information and not to record everything in their gadgets.

Phones and portable technology is a great benefit to humans. If you use modern technology wisely, they will only help development, not hinder it. The phone at the moment is not only a means of entertainment with a set of games and social networks. It can be used to study, work and do other useful things.

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