New super hero Horse Dabaka against Smoking

17 November in Russia under the auspices of the health Ministry launched an anti-Smoking campaign for those who are trying to quit Smoking. When creating the concept of the action fighters against Smoking came from the fact that a drop of nicotine is known to kill a horse. Therefore, in Rossi Smoking fight will be the horse. International day against Smoking has not passed without leaving a trace, he was marked by the emergence of a new super hero is a tireless fighter against Smoking Horse Dabaka. This is a fundamental animal has set a goal to get rid of Smoking. Meet smoker Horse vallivue" him that Smoking is harmful, and why you want to quit this habit. On the Internet for the day don't stop gossip new symbol of the Ministry of health. Because short-sighted PR specialists from medicine, did not pay attention that give her super hero name with many unpleasant meanings.Of course, the horse adhering to passers-by, may cause a smile, but whom he will definitely make you think. The horse was already noticed in many of the most unexpected places of the capital.Still not over gossip about alcohol squirrels, as poyavilsya Horse of Devaka.

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