New stimulator prevents stop breathing while snoring

Engineers have introduced a new development called Redeme. Subcutaneous implant helps with chronic snoring. It is known that during the night, snoring is a temporary cessation of breathing, which increases the risk of death. The implant acts on the nervous system, stimulating it helps people with heart failure, writes The National Post.

The device is installed below the collarbone, the wire with the stimulator is on the Vienna to the phrenic nerve. A special sensor stimulates the diaphragm causes it to shrink. So you can maintain a constant breathing for of a person snoring throughout the night.

The device has already managed to test on 46 volunteers. The study confirmed the effectiveness of the concentration of oxygen in the blood in all cases has increased. One of the main advantages of implant - its obscurity and lack of discomfort while wearing and work, unlike masks.

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Problem snoring is more prone obese people. Short stops breathing associated with blockade of the respiratory tract. After the episode of apnea, the body is reloaded, and breathing is restored to the next case.

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