New spray against family quarrels intended to reduce the number of divorces

Scientists developed a special spray, raspily which it is possible to stop the conflict between the spouses. We just have to splash spray into each of the conflicting parties and the family scene will quickly come to an end. Part of the spray oxytocin successfully affects both men and women. But the impact of the spray on each of the sides is a little different: the woman he has calming effect, and the man under its influence becomes more sensitive. In the resulting state, both of them no longer want to continue the quarrel.

Scientists have conducted a series of tests on twenty married couples whose age did not exceed 50 years. All the couples were divided into two groups. One group was asked to recall any conflicts that happened to them in life. Second, it was suggested the same thing. The participants of the first group used then spray with oxytocin, the second group was given the spray with placebo. The participants of the first group some time after atomizing spray calmed down, while the group that used the spray with placebo, continued to interfere. This confirmed the guess of scientists that oxytocin calming effect.

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Developers miracle spray recommended for couples to use this drug every day. It aims not only to improve family relationships and to increase sexual activity, but also to reduce the number of divorces.

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