New scientific studies have discovered a serious risk of flight to Mars

According to a study published in a publication of NEJM, spending long periods in a weightless condition during the flight to Mars can cause irreversible changes in the brain of astronauts.

To such conclusions specialists in major research-related plan to soon send humans to Mars. Preparations for the event are actively being the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Mask.

Previously, scientists have identified the most significant problems for the human body, urgent decisions. These include: a significant weakening of the protective functions of the organism, multiple genetic disorders, a considerable acceleration of the aging bone marrow fluid, an irreversible decrease in IQ level.

The latest experiment the researchers conducted with the participation of 18 astronauts, a long period living on the ISS and 90 volunteers, volunteered within 90 days lying in a horizontal position with lowered head.

After brain scans of the subjects, the scientists discovered changes in the position of brain relative to each other and the walls of the skull. Significant transformation has been the area of the brain above the eyes, some offices were empty. This phenomenon, the researchers explained, "the ascent" of the brain due to the state of weightlessness.

Experts believe the adverse effects that they detect changes, such as cerebral activities, system coordination and distorted perception. In order to minimize the negative impact of weightlessness, it is necessary to create artificial gravitation systems in aircraft that is able to temporarily provide a sense of gravity and prevent catastrophic changes in the brain.

More than two million people have already sent applications in space Agency, NASA, and expressed a desire to send their names to Mars. 63.5 thousands of applicants are our compatriots. The largest number of applicants among Americans – US citizens adopted more than 653000 relevant applications.

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