New provisions for the protection of children's health in Russia

Valentine Shirokov, Director of development Department of child care and service delivery, shared with reporters innovations regarding child health, which will be held in the new bill.

In the draft law will include a new section entirely devoted to orphan diseases, they will specify the exact criteria and definitions. Will clearly indicate the sources of medical support for the treatment of children with orphan diseases. In the development of the project involved a public organization, due to which the criteria frequency of occurrence of the disease have been extended somewhat. Based on the frequency of occurrence of the disease at the Federal level will create a list of rare and orphan diseases, the supply of medicines will be conducted at the regional level.

It is also planned to legislate for one of the parents right to be with a sick child in hospital for the entire period of treatment. Now parents will be able to use this service completely free of charge, if they are in the hospital with a child under three years of age or older child when medically necessary.

Also seem to be important new provisions on artificial interruption of pregnancy is abortion. In the last two years from a list of diseases in which to terminate a pregnancy, was removed more than 70 titles, and now the doctors are obliged to inform women about the possible positive outcome of pregnancy, even in the presence of these diseases.

Medical technology is rapidly advancing and great happiness that women suffering from various contraindicated for pregnancy ailments, now can happily carry and give birth to the baby. All the innovations of the bill aims to increase the social protection of children and their parents. I would hope that it would help significantly to improve the demographic situation in Russia.

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