New properties of vitamin D

Many of us have heard about the benefits of vitamin D for health, but now scientists from the University Sackler in tel Aviv found that this vitamin is very useful for those in intensive care unit patients.

Six months of research led scientists to the conclusion that patients with vitamin D lived an average of 8.9 days less than those who have not experienced it lack a clear argument in favor of the fact that this vitamin gives vitality and prolongs the life. Additionally, the vitamin D was associated with the levels of white blood cells, which are designed to fight disease.

The head of research Professor Howard Amytal believes that the effects of vitamin D on patients in critical condition yet to be explored, but it is not necessary to wait for additional results, to start taking vitamin now.

To get vitamin D in several ways, the first is longer walking in the sun. It is produced in the body by direct exposure to the sun, however, for residents of Northern countries this method is not the most effective. However, to the required level, according to the experts, it will take just 10-15 minutes walking under the sun three times a week.

Additionally, the vitamin D found in foods like oily fish, milk, oysters, cereals with vitamins.

And of course vitamin supplements, but be careful, excess intake of vitamin D can be side effects.

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